Stomach Pain all the Time. Seeking Advice.

Hello there all, For as long as I could recall I’ve had stomach issues. After I eat, while/after I go to the bathroom(not constantly) and in numerous different circumstances. I have attempted to keep a stomach journal to check whether I had a narrow mindedness of any nourishments and discovered only that sugar was a tremendous no for me however despite everything I get stomach torment regardless of the fact that I don’t eat sugar so there is something more. I realize that I have a tremendous anxious stomach and feel the greater part of my feelings in my gut however that is an alternate agony then others I get. I don’t generally have consistent solid discharges and they shift A LOT. Once in a while they are free, different times they are hard and I have loose bowels more than I ought to. The agony is not in one place constantly, I have everything over the spot at whatever point it begins harming. It doesn’t move around truly its equitable not in the same recognize constantly. In any case I’m not certain what it is. On a scale to 1-10 of torment that likewise fluctuates. In some cases it is not that terrible and I can disregard it but rather I can even now tell its there. Different times is maxes 10 and I cannot do anything it harms so awful. More often than not the agony level stays nearby 6 or 7. Here and there my agony will be there continually and different times there will be a sharp torment that will last a few moments then leave just to return over and over. It impacts my life a considerable measure and I am tired of stomach torment constantly. So any data or exhortation would be highly valued!

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